Convertible top mechanism

Convertible top frame, motor, and mechanism repair and replacement

Premier is a full-service convertible top shop. Besides the work we do on the "soft" components of a convertible top system, we also work on the "hard" mechanical components such as frames, linkages, and drive systems.

There are many reasons why mechanical components have problems. Convertible frames and linkages bend or break. Frame pins, bolts, and cables need replacement. Tension straps wear out or need new elastic. Hydraulic lift cylinders and lines spring leaks. Drive motors burn out. Electrical relays and switches go bad.

Premier can handle all these problems and more. If you are having problems with your convertible top mechanics visit us at our shop in Santa Clara so we can help you get your top in working order again.

For advice on caring for your top check out the Convertible Top Care section of our Convertible Top and Interior Care Guide.